My Goal is to present complicated information in an emotional, engaging and easy to understand way.

Finding the essence of a story in any subject matter is what i strive for and through my experience in both entertainment and corporate environments, i bring those two worlds closer together to tell better stories.

My specialty lies in animation and illustration. Two powerful tools in communication design which never fail to get the point across.


Animation is a great medium to break any sort of information down to its most symbolic form and to provide an enjoyable viewing experience for your audience that makes your message stick.


Tired of seeing the same old whiteboard-style animations on your YouTube playlist? I provide a full-service animation production for any channel whether it'd be TV, Internet or Intranet, Events or even just the monitor in your reception area.


Let me bring your stories to life! From screenplay to finished product!


By illustrating your facts, you get to communicate better with your clients, employees or other stakeholders.


I also offer illustration services specifically tailored towards presentations. Enhance your Slide-Show with our artwork in a variety of styles, from pixel art to full blown paintings, to set yourself apart and catch your audience.


Illustrations can also be useful for the conceptual stages of a product or service design. Let me visualize your product or your customer journey for you, in whatever form you prefer! From a single drawing to a full comic or storyboard.

my work has been used for:

  • Training Animations

  • Presentation Enhancements

  • Infographics

  • Corporate Mascots

  • Signage Programs

  • Customer Journeys

  • Conceptual Artwork

  • Sustainability Visualizations

  • Design Thinking Support

  • Brand Mockups

  • Social Media Content

  • Website Content

  • Animated Commercials

  • Client Pitch Presentations

  • Customer Surveys

  • Scriptwriting

  • Storyboarding

  • Key-Animation

  • Conceptual Artwork

  • Comics and Cartoons

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